Miguel Bombarda, Lisbon




Avenida Miguel Bombarda 4



Acquisition date

Q1 2020

Miguel Bombarda 4 (MB4) is an iconic office building in Lisbon which has been re-developed into one of the most highly specified developments in the city. The refurbishment focused on utilising the natural architectural attributes wherever possible, full floor-by-floor retrofits, creation of common workspaces, façade upgrades, and a full upgrade of all M&E equipment and the creation of several common well-being spaces such as a cafeteria, gymnasium and bicycle park with toilets.

It now boasts an impressive 65,100 sqft feet of world-class office accommodation, in environmentally friendly, energy efficient building achieving BREEAM In Use Excellent rating, one of the few buildings in Portugal to achieve this standard. MB4 is a vibrant hub that is open and encouraging, as well as safe and enjoyable to occupy.